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uPVC Windows

uPVC replacement windows are the most common option when replacing old windows because they cost less than both timber and aluminium, are easier to install, available in a wide range of colours and require little maintenance.

Made from long lengths of uPVC Profiles, cut up, and heat welded together to make the uPVC Frames. These in turn are fabricated into windows with a variety of high-security stainless steel mechanisms and high security locking systems.

Key Features
  • Low maintenance
  • Superior security and energy efficiency
  • Available in many colours
  • Very functional, easy operation

More designs: Windows Retail Brochure/ Facebook Gallery

Casement windows

The most commonly installed window where the handles ate located on the inside and the sashes open outwards.

Opening designs include side opening and bottom opening casements.

Locking systems vary for these windows we normally use an espagnole however should more security be required we can use a shoot bolt locking system.

If you want, easy clean hinges can be installed on side hung windows, allowing the sashes to be slid over giving access to clean the windows from the inside.

Key Features
  • Range of profile and colour options available
  • Opening out windows
  • Excellent protection from the weather
  • Lockable in fully shut or night vent position
  • Espagnole or Shoot bolt locking systems
  • Standard friction hinges or if required easy clean hinges

More designs: Supplier website / Facebook Gallery

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Tilt & turn windows

These windows are designed to open inwards. Turn the handle to the first position and the top tilts inwards several inches. Turn the handle all the way up and the entire sash will be able to swing inwards.

Very easy to clean, typically used where a large fire exit is required or the window sizes can’t accommodate a casement window.

Key Features
  • Excellent access fir fire exits
  • Can suit larger openings up to 1300 mm wide x 1650 mm high
  • Can be combined with casement windows if required
  • Recommend not making too large as the additional weigh may cause the sash to ‘drop’ and require adjusting

More designs: Veka Supplier Website / Facebook Gallery

Sliding box sash windows

If you’re looking for a modern alternative to traditional timber box sash windows, we can provide a wide range of options to suit your needs.

As with traditional box sash windows these modern alternatives offer two sliding vertical sashes, a reliable locking system and highly insulating double glazed units.

Available in a wide range of colours and glazing designs.

To make your box sash look more traditional considering coloured foils, stick on astrgal bars and run-on heritage horns.

Key Features
  • Tilt and Easy Clean sliding sashes
  • Lockable in a range of different positions i.e. travel re-stricter
  • Available in a range of uPVC colours
  • Large range of hardware options
  • Traditional glazing and heritage features
  • Significantly more expensive that casement windows

More designs: ECO Slide Brochure / Facebook Gallery

Bay windows

A traditional feature on Victorian houses or a creative feature to distinguish your property, bay windows are a great way to make the most of your room.

Available in a variety of styles and shapes, they are a created from a number of uPVC windows held together with strengthening aluminium bay poles, designed to work with the profile.

Key Features
  • Robust construction, providing structural support above
  • Wide range of styles & colours available to suit your needs
  • Able to repair damaged roofs and bay sections as required
  • Specialists in replacing trims and fascia details for an authentic look

More designs: Inveka Website / Bay-pole Supplier Window Widgets Website / Facebook Gallery

uPVC Profile options

As a company, we offer a huge range of different colours, moulding designs, profile sizes and different types of products. From our many years in the trade, we have a great network of trusted suppliers.

With regards to uPVC windows, we generally offer a wide range of profile options supplied from VEKA  – We have chosen to use this supplier as the range of products and customer service we receive is extremely high. This makes it possible to offer the same extensive range of products to our customers.

Some of the shaped uPVC options we have available include;

Chamfered Matrix 70

Chamfered Matrix 70 Profile is a new design with superb thermal qualities, the clean bevelled lines of the M70 system will be available in a large variety of colours and woodgrain options from the popular Variations colour range.

Fully Sculptured UPVC

Fully Sculptured Profile with its rounded edges this profile is designed for those who want the look and feel of quality hardwood frames, without the upkeep. Technically the system is exceptional, allowing simple fabrication and trouble-free installation.

Standard Foiled Colours
Standard Foiled Colours

Standard Foiled profile options available off the shelf at the same lead time as the white uPVC and most trims and silicones are kept in stock, these are the best options if you are looking for a distinctive colour design. Standard colours are;

  • Standard white uPVC (described as a blue white)
  • Foiled products – Rosewood, Golden Oak, Black (Beck Brown), Irish Oak on white, White Foil on white, Cream (Ivory) on white, Anthracite Grey on white, Anthracite Grey on Grey and Chartwell Green on white
Colour Variations

Veka Colour Variations are available for those projects where the colour has to be just right – See out suppliers Veka Profile Colour Chart

As a general rule if you are looking for a small number of items in a colour these might be spray-painted however this can fade and scratch.

The better option is to have Renolit supply a batch of foil (as with all standard foils) to coat the uPVC for your project, this will provide your chosen colour in a form that will last. However, there is an increased lead time and cost for this process.

uPVC window glazing options

With all uPVC windows comes a glazed unit, and there are lots of glazing options available.

As a standard product, we will install an A-rated double glazed units, i.e. Eco pane of glass inside, with a warm edge spacer bar and argon gas.

Additional Options
  • Decorative Glazed Units
    • Bevels with a huge variety available in clear, frosted or coloured options
    • Coloured and textured films in hundreds of patterns
    • Lead sizes in 4 mm, 6 mm and 9 mm
    • Lead colours in grey, blackened, antique and gold
  • Internal Georgian Bars
    • Traditional 18 mm or 25 mm bars & round 8 mm bars
    • Wide range of colours including white, gold, chrome & many foiled colours to suit the profile
  • Astragal Bars
    • A bar stuck onto the outside of the glass with the duplex bar inside the glazed unit to look like a traditional timber window. Stylish, effective and authentic-looking like a traditional Georgian style double glazed windows
  • Textured/Obscure glass internal pane
  • Triple glazed units available for higher thermal and noise insulation
  • Huge range of speciality glass from laminated to sandblasted
  • Specialists in restoring and encapsulating traditional lead lights into double glazed units
Design options

More designs:  Facebook Gallery

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