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Double-glazed units

As a company, we always install double-glazed units with a very good U-value. Although this might make us more expensive than some of our competitors it means all of our customers get a good replacement window. Our standard units use Ecopane Glass with an Argon and warm edge spacer bar core giving a centre pane U-value of 1.2.

Key Features
  • A-rated double glazed units as standard
  • Argon Gas and Planitherm Total Plus glass as standard
  • Warm Edge Spacer bars available Black as standard, White or Grey also available
  • A wide range of other Toughened, Laminated or specialist glass available

Triple glazed units

If you want triple glazed we will use Ecopane Glass with an Argon and warm edge spacer bar cores, the extra layer gives a centre pane U-value of 0.6.

Key Features
  • Three panes of glass separated with two spacer bars
  • Additional heat insulation up to 0.9 u Value per m2
  • Increased noise insulation
  • Makes your home warmer and quieter
  • Superior security and energy efficiency

Modern decorative glazing designs

There are so many different glazing options available that it is probable we can find the exact design you are looking for, but with soo much choice it can be very hard to choose a final design.

As a standard product, we will install an A-rated double glazed unit, i.e. Eco pane of glass inside, with a warm edge spacer bar and argon gas.

Additional Options
  • Decorative Glazed Units
    • Bevels with a huge variety available in clear, frosted or coloured options
    • Coloured and textured films in hundreds of patterns
    • Lead sizes in 4 mm, 6 mm and 9 mm
    • Lead colours in grey, blackened, antique and gold
  • Internal Georgian Bars
    • Traditional 18 mm or 25 mm bars & round 8 mm bars
    • Wide range of colours including white, gold, chrome & many foiled colours to suit the profile
  • Integral Blinds
    • Range of blinds available inside a double glazed units, combining privacy and practicality in a fashionable and minimalistic style
  • Astragal Bars
    • A bar stuck onto the outside of the glass with the duplex bar inside the glazed unit to look like a traditional timber window. Stylish, effective and authentic-looking like a traditional Georgian style double glazed windows
  • Textured/Obscure glass internal pane
  • Triple glazed units available for higher thermal and noise insulation
  • Huge range of speciality glass from laminated to sandblasted
  • Specialists in restoring and encapsulating traditional lead lights into double glazed units
Design options

More designs:  Regalead Website / Facebook Gallery

Traditional encapsulated lead lights

We pride ourselves in maintaining the traditional leadlights from your home and re-using them in your new project.

If you currently have traditional lead lights you’d like to keep in your new windows, then we’d be happy to help. Unlike many double-glazing companies, we do not shy away from the extra challenges posed by removing, repairing and encapsulating lead lights.

Or if you want to create new leadlights for a window in your home, we’d be happy to help. See some examples of our completed projects.

Key Features
  • Re-use traditional leadlights
  • Carefully remove the existing leadlight, repair and resize as required
  • Leadlight is encapsulated inside the new double glazed unit preserving is beauty
  • Specialists in restoring and encapsulating traditional lead lights into double glazed units


More designs:  Facebook Gallery

Pilkington Glass is the only manufacturer of textured glass variations. As a general rule, most obscure patterns are very similar in cost to clear glass. However, their sandblasted ranges are significantly more expensive.

Find textured patterns available from Pilkington Textured Glass Website

Glass Systems Ltd and Glass Systems Direct Ltd are two of the UK`s largest manufacturers and distributors of Insulating Glass Units (IGU’s), otherwise known as sealed units. Supplying the trade, domestic, commercial and new build sectors of the building and construction industry, with a range of glazing options including; Pilkington energiKare, Ecopane, toughened laminated and decorative glass.

To view their website please select – Glass Systems Website

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