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In this section, you can explore our range of uPVC door options to help identify the style and design options available to create a Distinctive entrance that suits your home.

A uPVC door made with a uPVC outer frame and a uPVC door sash – i.e. not a composite door.

uPVC doors are very versatile available in a very wide range of sizes and colours to suit most openings. As a company, we have always opted to use fully adjustable hinges and high-security multi-point locking systems

Can be combined with a wide number of glazing options (See the other tabs on this page)

Key Features

  • Available with a wide range of glazing options
  • Easy to maintain, energy-efficient uPVC
  • Highly adjustable hinges and strong locks
  • Double rebated weather seals to reduce draft and noise
  • All our uPVC doors have a selection of profile options and colours

More designs: uPVC Door Brochure / Facebook Gallery

uPVC front door with glazed bevels

If you want to add some flair to your property without breaking the bank, we suggest looking at a uPVC door with a bevel, leaded or stained design.

uPVC front doors have a decorative glazed unit. The decoration is normally a cut glass bevel, translucent coloured films and leads, these are stuck on to the glass.

Key Features
  • uPVC outer frame and u PVC door sash
  • Double glazed toughened unit
  • Glass is usually textured on the inside to provide privacy
  • Massive range of designs to choose from


Additional Options
  • Decorative Glazed Units
    • Bevels with a huge variety available in clear, frosted or coloured options
    • Coloured and textured films in hundreds of patterns
    • Lead sizes in 4 mm, 6 mm and 9 mm
    • Lead colours in grey, blackened, antique and gold
  • Internal Georgian Bars
    • Traditional 18 mm or 25 mm bars & round 8 mm bars
    • Wide range of colours including white, gold, chrome & many foiled colours to suit the profile
  • Astragal Bars
    • A bar stuck onto the outside of the glass with the duplex bar inside the glazed unit to look like a traditional timber window. Stylish, effective and authentic-looking like a traditional Georgian style double glazed windows
  • Textured/Obscure glass internal pane
  • Triple glazed units available for higher thermal and noise insulation
  • Huge range of speciality glass from laminated to sandblasted
  • Specialists in restoring and encapsulating traditional lead lights into double glazed units
Design options


More designs:  Facebook Gallery

Front door with decorative panel

From realistic wood effects to varied colours, we supply a range of front doors with decorative panels.

A decorative reinforced panel is inserted into the sash of the uPVC door (instead of the glazed unit).

All panels are available as a solid panel or with plain or decorative glazing designs. The panels are also available in various woodgrains and a choice of whites to match the most door frame profiles.

You can complete the look of your panel doors with our unique range of accessories which include letterboxes, door knockers, spy holes and numerals in a variety of styles and finishes.

Key Features

More designs:  Facebook gallery

French doors

A versatile option to allow more light into a property with a much bigger opening than a standard door.

Typical French door designs have both sashes opening outwards.  Things to decide would be which door should open first, the colour and type of profiles, the number and colour of handles, the door threshold required and if door restrictors are required.

Key Features
  • Double opening sashes
  • Handle on each door with a paired alike cylinder
  • Double doors only can be made up to 2000 mm wide, however, side panels are available
  • Restrictors to hold open available on request

More designs: Supplier Door BrochureFacebook Gallery

Bifold doors

Bifold doors are great for opening out a room to the garden or a beautiful vista, allowing maximum light into the property. Most bifold doors would consist of three to five panels, with all the sashes opening outwards and sliding towards one side. However, we provide other opening designs as well.

From our experience, we recommend using an aluminium door as they are less likely to expand and contract in the sunlight and therefore less likely to require adjustment in the future.

Key Features
  • uPVC sashes joined together to make a very wide opening
  • Open inwards or outwards
  • Wide range of colours
  • Not as robust as Aluminium Bifold doors

More designs: Supplier website / Door Brochure / Facebook Gallery 

Patio / Sliding doors

Sliding doors allow a great deal of light into a room without the hassle of opening doors into furniture or blocking a passage, also when closed the visible profile is less than a french or bi-fold door making them perfect for a room with a view.
Key Features
  • Available in a chamfered or fully sculptured uPVC
  • Range of colours available
  • Range of door and fixed pane combinations available
    • One slider and one fixed sash
    • One slider and a fixed sash either side
    • Two central panes slide and two fixed sashes outside
  • Sliding pane runs on rollers passed a fixed pane
  • Inside to outside profile thickness is 110 mm
  • Not suited to narrower opening as the door can not slide all the way passed the fixed sash


More designs: Supplier Website / Door Brochure / Facebook Gallery

Tilt and slide Doors

The ideal solution if you have no other opening window in a room and require both a door and an opening window.
Tilt and slide doors are more practical than a standard sliding door however they cost significantly more and have a slight design flaw. The mechanism can over a time break and the doors may fall inwards. We don’t normally recommend these as an option but if you are interested they are available.
Key Features
  • Opening sash tilts first held with two arms at the top of the door
  • Second handle position allows the sash to be pulled out on the bottom runner
  • Door sash can be slid fully open for access
  • No handle available on the outside

More designs: Supplier Website / Door Brochure / Facebook Gallery

uPVC Profile Options

As a company, we offer a huge range of different colours, moulding designs, profile sizes, threshold options, letterbox, knockers, numerals and different types of products as we source form many of the best uPVC suppliers available.

With regards to uPVC doors we generally offer a wide range of profile options supplied from VEKA  – We have chosen to use this supplier as the range of products and customer service we receive is extremely high. This makes it possible to offer the same range of products to our customers.

Some of the shaped uPVC options we have available include;

Chamfered Matrix 70 Profile is a new design with superb thermal qualities, the clean bevelled lines of the M70 system will be available in a large variety of colours and woodgrain options from the popular Variations colour range.

Chamfered Matrix 70

Fully Sculptured Profile with its rounded edges this profile is designed for those who want the look and feel of quality hardwood frames, without the upkeep. Technically the system is exceptional, allowing simple fabrication and trouble-free installation.

Fully Sculptured UPVC

Other uPVC door profile options Veka make a wide range of other uPVC door profiles for applications such as uPVC bifold, patio, tilt and slide, SmartFold and their heritage Rustique profile range. More information can be found on their website – French, Patio, Bi-Fold, Lift & Slide, SmartFold & PVC doors

Standard Foiled Colours
Standard Foiled Colours

Standard Foiled profile options available off the shelf at the same lead time as the white uPVC and most trims and silicones are kept in stock, these are the best options if you are looking for a distinctive colour design. Standard colours are;

  • Standard white uPVC (described as a blue white)
  • Foiled products – Rosewood, Golden Oak, Black (Beck Brown), Irish Oak on white, White Foil on white, Cream (Ivory) on white, Anthracite Grey on white, Anthracite Grey on Grey and Chartwell Green on white
Colour Variations

Veka Colour Variations are available for those projects where the colour has to be just right.  See out the range of colours Veka Profile Colour Chart

As a general rule if you are looking for a small number of items in a colour these might be spray-painted however this can fade and scratch.

The better option is to have Renolit supply a batch of foil (as with all standard foils) to coat the uPVC for your project, this will provide your chosen colour in a form that will last. However, there is an increased lead time and cost for this process.

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