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Composite doors

If you are looking for a front door with presence, look no further than a composite door.

For more information on the range of doors available browse the attached tabs showing our suppliers and the huge range of products we can offer.

Composite doors provide maximum safety and security for your family through the reinforced outer frame and high-security locking system. We can provide your door style and colour, and complement it with your choice of glass design.

Key Features
  • Looks like a timber door, but you don’t need to sand it
  • The grain effect skin is made from high impact resistant GRP that is light but strong
  • Available any spray-painted colours
  • Stylish designs and finishes
  • Foam core (no CFCs used) delivers high levels of heat and sound insulation
  • The combination ensures a long-lasting door that will retain its beauty
  • Fully sculptured uPVC frame in a range of colours

For more designs visit Welsh Doors / Distinction Doors / Regalead Door Brochure / Facebook Gallery



Here are some useful links for maintenance and cleaning of your composite door – Care Guide Brochure

Welsh doors – Our supplier of Composite Doors

We are proud to say we have worked with Welsh doors for over 30 years, they provide us with an extremely high-quality product and service.

As a Welsh manufacturer of composite doors, they are able to access a very wide range of materials to make most designs possible, there is so much choice it’s sometimes too difficult to decide on a design.

They offer are a wide number of options available to help you to design your door, these includes;

Designing your door

More designs: Supplier Brochure / Facebook gallery

Composite door-blank manufacturers

There are many composite door manufacturers in the UK, however, they will mostly buy their composite door blanks to order form one of several suppliers. 

To help you understand further the composite door options you have available it may be of use to know where the composite blanks are manufactured;

Distinction Doors

  • The principal supplier of composite doors we install will have the composite blanks sourced from Distinction Doors.
  • This is a British company that manufactures the composite blanks and glazing panels and these are sold on the Welsh Doors.
  • Visit their website – Distinction Doors


  • When customers require something a little more bespoke, the composite blanks will be sourced from DoorCo.
  • Wider variety of composite door products, from traditional doors to very modern designs.
  • This is a British company that manufactures the doors and glazing panels and these are sold on the Welsh Doors.
  • Visit their website – DoorCo

Wider Ranges of Glazing Options

Most of the composite door glazing designs you would have seen from our suppliers websites are not possible to replicate into side panel or fanlight.

The majority of composite door glass designs are made from a stunning visual effect with multiple glass textures and bevels clipped together within a brass or zinc caning. All units are triple glazed for easy cleaning and extra security, it is however, not possible to create matching sidelights or toplights.

Therefore if you are looking for a bespoke composite door with a matching side screen or fanlight this must be bespokely created in a similar way that we’d make a glazed uPVC door.

The decoration is normally a cut glass bevel, translucent coloured films and leads, these are stuck on to the glass.

Key Features
  • Composite door slab with a uPVC outer frame
  • Stick on bevels with a huge variety of bevels available in clear, frosted or coloured options
  • Coloured and textured films in hundreds of patterns
  • Lead sizes in 4 mm, 6 mm and 9 mm
  • Lead Colours in Grey, Blackened, Antique and Gold
  • Frosted glass internal pane
  • Double or Triple glazed units
Design options

More designs: Facebook Gallery

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